You are an artist, a creative, a craftsperson.  You're successful, insightful, and intuitive, but there are patterns you'd like to change. Perhaps you want to go deeper, you want a healthy relationship with yourself and others, and above all, you want to be true and genuine. You're looking for support.

The Authentic Self

It’s not just your mind that knows something has to change, it’s your whole body.  Somewhere deep within, you feel you're not being your truest self.  Maybe you people-please or despite your success, you mask thoughts that you’re not enough.  You want to accept yourself and live from a more authentic place.  Therapy can help you feel more empowered and celebratory of who you truly are.

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Relationship Issues

You have patterns you want to change.  You frequently find yourself in unresolved conflict, you can't seem to find "the one," or you're avoiding relationships altogether.  You want to learn how to be a better partner, address conflict, communicate better, trust, and be open and vulnerable. You're ready to invest in the most important relationship - the one with yourself.  You feel ready to look within.

Anxiety & Stress

There’s the constant churning of the mind - the kind of thinking that interferes with a good night’s sleep.  You feel "stressed out" and your mind is non-stop with self-judgement, memories, or fears of the future.  Sometimes it’s just a feeling in the pit of your stomach that keeps you restless.  You'd like to quiet the mind, to feel more calm and at peace, to ease the tension, and you'd like some support.

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Highly Sensitive

You've always felt that you were different - more sensitive than the rest, or "too sensitive" for the world.  You think deeply, feel everything, and pick up on subtleties that others don't notice.  At times, maybe you have felt that you don't fit in. You want to feel understood (and celebrated) and you want tools for better navigating life and relationships.

Remote Therapy

You have a busy life, you often travel for your work, and the last thing you want to do is fight traffic to get to your session.  Online and phone sessions offer you convenience and flexibility with your personal lifestyle in mind.


Next Steps...

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