The process of therapy can be uncomfortable, and admittedly, it can be hard, but your well-being is worth the effort! Knowing yourself better and embracing yourself more deeply can help you build compassion for yourself and others.  You can learn to access your personal strength, power, and creativity to more confidently say yes to what is life-affirming.

If it wasn’t the right time for therapy before, maybe it's the right time now.

My Approach

I use a holistic approach and work with clients to integrate mind, body, and spirit. I rely on different modalities depending on your needs.  Beyond any theoretical approach, however, the most important factor in therapy is that you feel connected and heard - which is my focus from the start. Learn more...

Mireya Corona, LMFT97025
Mireya Corona, LMFT97025
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The Office

Areas of Experience and Training

  • Anxiety Disorders and Stress
  • Dating and Relationship Challenges
  • History of Trauma
  • Grief and Loss
  • Women's Issues
  • Coping Skills
  • Spiritual Growth and Exploration
  • POC and LGBTQ
  • Creatives

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Take the next step...

Finding a therapist you connect with is very important, and a phone call can help you get a feel for how I work. During the call, we can talk about your current challenges and whether therapy might be helpful to you at this time.